Live Life Kingsize – Lessons from Krishna

We at Gitaaonline wish our readers a very happy Janmashtami. Sep 1 also marks the anniversary of the day that we moved to this domain two years ago and so it is a twin celebration this year;)

I wanted to share with you 10 short messages that can be learnt from Krisna’s life and can be game changers in our lives as well..

1. Hope dawns at the darkest hour – Krishna was born at midnight, in pouring rain, in a prison cell and taken away from his birth mother within few minutes of his birth!! Many times, when things look really bleak and despondent, we should understand that the worst is actually over and hope springs eternal!

2. Live Life King Size – The moment we think of Krishna as a child, the image that is conjured up is of a very active, mischievous prankster who enjoyed every bit of his childhood. This is inspite of a myriad of demons / demonesses trying to put an end to his life! Krishna tells us that this life is not for being sad and depressed, it is one of joy and happiness – his story can lift the saddest spirits up!

3. Love everyone equally – Krishna was loved by everyone because he loved every one equally – whether it was the Gopis of Brindavan or kings and princes, they all coveted his love and he returned it in good measure.

4. Never forget your friends – Krishna never forgot his childhood friends or the favours done for him. At the right opportunity and when his friends like Sudhama were in need, he always helped them with many times what they expected.

5. No job is too small – While Krishna could have single handedly won the war of Kurukshetra, he instead chose to be a charioteer for Arjuna and guided him to win the war! This teaches one dignity of labour and the fact that no matter how menial one’s job may sound, it is possible to do fantastic things from that!

6. Never lose your song – Krishna’s flute and his ability to attract people by music were legendary. Many times, when we become focussed on our careers or family, we lose sight of our hobbies and real interests and this makes life a drudgery! Krishna puts music into life and life into music!

7. Work sharper not just harder – Krishna always worked sharper rather than harder! There were many times during the Mahabharata war, where it was his intelligence that helped to defeat powerful adversaries. Brute strength is ok, but brain strength is far superior!

8. Black is Beautiful – There is so much discrimination in this world on the basis of color and creed! To a nation that used to be (?) obsessed with the “fair” color, Krishna was a revelation that color was irrelevant and Black is beautiful!

9. Work is worship – One of the central messages of the Gita is that faith or religion is not just being ritualistic or a bookish knowledge of scriptures. It is infact doing one’s job to the best of one’s ability and without any expectations!

and last but not the least, here is a fun message..

10. The best man is one who makes women feel special;)

Happy Janmashtami and may the blessings of Krishna be with you and your family. If you would like to share a lesson you have learnt from Krishna, please do leave a comment!

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