As the new dawn breaks..

As the new dawn breaks, it seems unimaginable that yet another year just rolled past – one filled with joy and sorrow, triumphs and defeats, gains and losses (ouch, the stock markets!)..

The month of January was named after the Roman God Janus – who had two faces.. One looking back at the past and the other looking ahead to the future at the same time..As the sun sets on the old year and we ring in the new, like Janus, we too spend some time reflecting on the victories and even more so the failures of the last year..We reminisce lessons learnt and disappointments encountered..The sadness in sad memories has mellowed now and we feel hope. We feel that the new dawn that is breaking forth is going to take us out of all the  troubles we ever had and we feel stronger with the knowledge gained through the experiences..

This new year, here are a couple of wishes for our readers,  as we make our resolutions..

From Confusion to Clarity – At the beginning of the Gita, Arjuna, a powerful and determined warrior is mired in confusion. This confusion was on account of his attachments and delusion that was born from the excessive attachment. Once he understands this and the messages of the Gita, the confusion comes to an end and Arjuna the warrior is clear about his purpose and mission. As we step into the new year, it is a great time to analyze some of the issues that have been boggling our lives – our personal confusions! It is a great time to step back and look at it with the detachedness advocated by Krishna. Once we understand the root cause of our concern and set aside our emotional attachment it becomes easy to take the problem”bull” by it’s horns and tackle it. For this New year, we wish our readers “May your Confusion culminate in Clarity”

From dreams to certainty  – Usually, it is only large corporates that spend their time thinking about their corporate vision and mission statement and even then, many times, it is a theoretical eye wash approach egged on by consultants intent on making money! However, to be successful in life, there is no doubt that we need to have a clear idea of our goals and our purpose. The new year is a great time to reflect on our short term and long term goals as well as a road map of how we plan to get there. It is also important to remember Krishna’s message to Arjuna – “nimitta maatram bhava” which means “just be my instrument”! When we take the attitude that we are no more than an instrument of a divine force, we subjugate our arrogance and ego and are able to focus better on what we need to achieve rather than the feeling that “I” need to do it.It is when we are excessively focused on the doer /ourself that we become obsessed with the impact of the end result and possible failure. When we change our attitude from selfishness to selflessness, then we have a better understanding of our true purpose and the ever elusive success that one only dreamed about becomes a certainty! As the new year dawns, we wish our readers “May your dreams become certainties”

What are your wishes for this New year? We love to hear from you, so do write to us and share your thoughts with our readers..

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