There are 18 Chapters in the Bhagavad Gita and each of this is called a “Yoga”. The word Yoga means a state of union with the divine and hence each chapter describes a means to of realization.

Broadly, the Gita has been divided into three broad categories, based on the path described in these chapters. The first six chapters have been classified as the Karma Yoga section as they mainly deal with the path of action and how action should be performed. These chapters are:

Chapter 1. Arjuna Vishaada YogaH – The Hesitation & Despondency of Arjuna
Chapter 2. Sankhya YogaH – Communion through Knowledge
Chapter 3. Karma YogaH – Communion through Action
Chapter 4. Jnana Karma Sannyasa YogaH – Renunciation of Action in Knowledge
Chapter 5. Karma Sanyaasa YogaH – Communion through Renunciation
Chapter 6. Dhyana YogaH – Communion through Meditation

The middle six chapters describe the Bhakthi Yoga or the path of devotion. The Lord reveals Himself to Arjuna in many ways in these chapters – through his Vibhutis or opulences in Chapter 10 and then shows his infinite cosmic form in Chapter 11.

Chapter 7. Jnana Vigyaana YogaH– Communion through Knowledge & Renunciation
Chapter 8. Aksharabrahma YogaH – The way to Imperishable Brahman
Chapter 9. Raja Vidhya Raj Guhya YogaH– The Sovereign Science and Sovereign secret
Chapter 10.Vibhuti YogaH– Manifestations of Divine glories
Chapter 11. Vishwarupa Darshana YogaH – Vision of the Cosmic form
Chapter12. Bhakthi YogaH– Communion through Loving Devotion

The final six chapters describe the Jnana Yoga or the Path of knowledge and provide some of the most profound aspects of the Bhagavad Gita.

Chapter 13. Kshetra Kshetragna Vibhaaga YogaH – The differentiation of the knower from the known
Chapter 14. Guna Traya Vibhaaga YogaH – Division according to the three guNaas
Chapter 15. Akshara Purushottama YogaH – The mystery of the all pervading person
Chapter 16. Daivaasura Sampad Vibhaaga YogaH – Distinction between divine and demoniac types
Chapter 17. Shraddha Traya Vibhaaga YogaH – The three divisions of faith
Chapter 18. Moksha Sannyasa YogaH – Liberation through renunciation

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