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This is the third post in this series by Guruji entitled


Guruji has clarified various misconceptions on Muhurtha in his quintessential style and with logical clarity and anecdotes argued the need to reconsider the obsession some people have over the “Muhurtha” and “Lagna” before they take up any new undertaking.

It is a great article and has the hallmark of Guruji all over it. Do write in and share your thoughts with Guruji and other Satsanghis.


Time and space are eternal. Nobody knows when time started and where is the end. Time has
been running from billions of years and shall continue to do so forever……In this long innings,
the existence of this earth itself is momentary, the life of human race is even shorter…..Why
should we then worry about Rahukala and Guligakala? ……..Things that have to happen will
happen anyway. We should understand that no jyothishi can change our Prarabdha Karma. The
noble intention to do good for the humanity is the best muhurtha. Thoughts of lord and our
nobility of intention are the essence of the muhurtha.


Some forty years ago, there was one Balmam who lived in Mangalore. His pretty sister was
married to a tall hefty man who was a professor in an Engineering college. Everything went
on well till one day when he suffered paroxysm of fits so wild that even eight people could
not restrain him during those violent spells. He continued to teach in the college. Some years
passed. As no medicine could cure him, they decided to consult an astrologer.

A famous astrologer by name Ramakrishna Bhatta alias Nodu Bhatta was living at Padua
grounds, Mangalore. This man was so prosperous that he even shifted his residence from an old
dilapidated tiled house into a huge two storied mansion near Padua High School.

Nodu Bhatta had just one look at the horoscope and asked “which fool recommended this
marriage? On the face of it, one can clearly see that this man is not mentally sound; who
recommended this alliance?”

They said “ you yourself Sir…!”

The famous astrologer invested in Prabhath Talkies and lost about 15 lakhs, big amount of
money in those days. Somebody asked him “How come Sir, with all your knowledge, lost, after
fixing up the best muhurtha for the investment?”

Nodu Bhatta said “swami, we get a ‘kannu kattu’(a spell of ignorance) in such moments!”

Ramakrshna was a good and a noble gentleman. What I wrote is no reflection on him as a


My cousin, now famous SS Kamath FCA, who has a good knowledge of astrology, had
embarked on his practice in the early sixties. Sri Pandachari was an astrologer at Udupi and
both of them decided that they would select the best possible muhurtha. They selected Kanya
Lagna and the practice was started at the auspicious hour.

A few days later, another astrologer Sri Ambebal Madhav Pai of Mumbai was asked to give his
opinion about this muhurtha. Sri Pa I said that the shop would be closed in two months. And
according to him,the muhurtha was not kanya Lagna but Tula.

It so happened that, Sri I V Karunakar Rao FCA, under whom my cousin had studied, died in a
month and SS Kamath was asked to take over the firm. His practice at Udupi was thus closed
down a month and six days later, despite having chosen the best muhurtha.

The day he joined the new practice at Mangalore was the ‘ Yellu Amavasya’ Naturally,
everybody dissuaded him from starting his new practice on that day. SS Kamath said “Destiny
has its own plans. Bhaskaracharya himself could not change the future of his daughter
Leelavathi. Let us simply do things as they happen. Let us not worry about changing our destiny
by manipulating muhurthas.”

This extraordinary person of integrity continues his practice even today, after nearly four
decades, despite having started off on a ‘Yellu Amavasya!’

When I left for Bahrain on Oct 24th1970, it was Bharani Star. You are not supposed to travel on
Bharani or Krittika Star. It was an obsession in those days. I don’t know whether it is still the
same. I stayed there for 31 years and still have a permit to reside there.

That brings us to the question of Muhurtha, Guligakala, Rahukala etc. I have seen Chicago and
Detroit Airports where there are 60 to 70 terminals with flights taking off and landing every
minute. In other words , in USA , there must be some 5 to 50 flights taking off every minute.
All though the Guliga kala, Rahu Kala and Raksha Muhurtha of nights, aeroplanes are flying.
Nothing seems to affect them.

In fact there are a million mega events taking place all around the world throughout the year,
without ever fixing a muhurtha. The noble intention to do good for the humanity is the best
muhurtha. The Lord is with us in all good deeds (yajna) and good intentions. Thoughts of the
Lord and our nobility of intention are the essence of the muhurtha.

This is what is said in the oft chanted Shloka; when we begin an auspicious event……….

Tadeva lagnam, sudinam tadeva Thara balam, Chandra balam tadeva
Vidya balam, daiva balam tadeva Lakshmipathengri yugam smaraami

Meaning : That is the best lagna, the auspicious day; it has the strength of stars and the
strength of the Moon. It has knowledge and blessings of Gods when your mind is at the feet of

Conversely, your best muhurtha will not be of much use, even if it brings you all the desired
wealth, name and fame, when your mind is obsessed with the material world. All such
prosperity and wealth brings only misery.

Do we need to worry about timings? You can take any advice; things that have to happen will
happen anyway. There is no way you can avoid major calamities that happened to you by
Prarabdha Karma.

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