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Happy Onam to our readers! Thiruonam is being celebrated on August 23rd this year. Onam festival is the harbinger of spring  and epitomizes the newfound vigour and enthusiasm of the harvest season. It is the foremost festival among the cultural repertoire of Keralites, and though it is essentially a harvest festival of Malayalees, mythologically it is linked to Hindu folktales and marks the homecoming of the legendary King Mahabali.

While everyone might be aware of the story of Mahabali, we present herewith some spiritual aspects of this festival as quoted by some of our great masters:

Emperor Bali represents the quality of sacrifice.

Bali is the name of the emperor, and that name has two meanings. One meaning is ‘the one with bala or strength’. Bala is ‘physical strength’. The second meaning of bali is ‘sacrifice’.  Nothing great was ever achieved without sacrifice.

Need to stop desiring and be deserving

When Bali was performing the yajnas with the thought of occupying Indra’s position, it was time for God to teach the emperor a lesson. Why? Why only to Emperor Bali? Emperor Bali had reached a point in his life where he deserved that kind of teaching;  He earned that deservedness by being good, kind and compassionate, by being an ideal king and ruler. He was ready to sacrifice anything to please his people.

God is present in both the small and big

Through the incarnation of the dwarf size vamana and making himself a giant, we understand that God is present in ALL – small and big.

Humility leads to Divinity

When the dwarf Vamana asks for three feet of land  his request was granted As the story goes, with one stride, with one footstep, Vamana occupied the entire earth. With the second footstep, He occupied all of space. That was it! There was no place left for the third footstep! Emperor Bali then offered his own head and said, “My Lord, You have occupied both heaven and earth, so there is no other place left now. But my head is free, so please put Your Feet there.”

As our Malayalee friends celebrate Onam, let us also join in by understanding the meaning and significance behind this colorful festival. On this occasion, Gitaaonline is proud to bring you a quiz so you can see how well you know the details about this festival..

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We love to hear from our readers and this is what keeps us going. So if you liked the quiz, drop us a comment and let us know and also how well you did the quiz. The first commenter with the top score will be picked as the winner.

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