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Today’s quiz is about various characters in the Mahabharata. characThis one is for beginners as well as those who wish to refresh how well they know the Mahabharata Characters..

I would like to acknowledge my nieces Varsha and Varna for helping me with the questions in the quiz.

As always, please include your score, rating of the quiz and comments on what else you would like to see in this section..

Which of the following is not one of the sisters that Bhishma won over for the sake of his brothers?

Who scoffed at Duryodhana's clumsiness which angered him greatly and led to the Kurukshetra war?

Who was the architect of the "Maya Mahal" or "Palace of Illusions" which was built for the Pandavas?

Kunti is one wife of Pandu. Who is the other?

What is the original name of Bhishma?

Who was the chief counsellor of Dhritarashtra?

What was the name of Duryodhana's devious maternal uncle who helped him win the rigged game of dice?

Who was the scribe of Mahabharatha?

Who was Drona's disciple who gave up his thumb as the offerring to his master?

Who kills Duryodhana in the war?

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