Entertainment, Education & Elevation – Satsangh Takeaways

This week’s satsangh was on Chapter 18 of the Bhagavad Gita and Sarojaji gave an inspiring discourse on verses 51 and 52. Here is an excerpt from her talk..

Verse 51 talks about the purified intellect “Vishudhya Budhya”. How do we make the intellect pure? The intellect can become pure only by constant churning by thoughts of the divine.

This can be explained by the concept of 3Es that is applicable to any field. Initially when we go to attend a Carnatic Music concert, we might go for the Entertainment value. Slowly as we develop an interest in it we try to understand the nuances of the music and move to the Education Mode. Finally, as we progress further we get absorbed and soaked in the music which raises us to divine heights. This process of crescendo is the Elevation Mode.

The 3Es of Entertainment, Education and Elevation are applicable in all fields and to the Satsangh as well.
Initially we are eager to know what goes on in a Satsangh and enter out of curiosity. This is the Entertainment Mode. After a few days, hearing the Bhajans and various talks we ruminate over what is being said in Gita and Bhagavatham. This is the Education mode. Finally as time progresses we get into Elevation mode.

This process of purification comes only with experience and time. In fact, in olden days elderly people were respected and revered for their wisdom attained through their experience. This knowledge was passed on to the younger generation. These days, it is quite rare.

Once there was a king in a distant land. He had passed a strange order that all old and infirm people should stay outside the main land. He banished all elderly people outside the city and told them not to enter the mainland as they were a burden to the society. A minister in his cabinet however had lot of love and affection for his parents and hence constructed a secret underground cellar and kept his parents over there.

One day a vetal came to the palace and told the king “I will ask you questions. If you don’t answer correctly your head will be blown to pieces”. Saying thus, he asked the first question : “How can one cup of water become larger than the sea? No one was able to answer. The vetal gave one day’s time to the king.

The minister decides to go and ask his parents and they provide the answer. The next day the vetal returns and the minister answers, “When someone offers even one cup of water with great compassion and pure heart to elderly people or sick people, that becomes larger than the sea”.
The vetal was satisfied. Now it poses a second question. “Two horses are there with same size and height and look similar. How do you find out which is the mother and which the child?”.
Again no one is able to answer. The Minister once again goes and asks his parents and finds the answer.
The next day the vetal returns and the Minister answers, “Place a little bit of horse gram in the centre of the two horses and watch..Which ever horse pushes the gram to the other horse’s side to make it convenient for the other horse to eat is the mother horse. This is because mothers always have concern for the children even in the animal kingdom”.
The vetal was perfectly satisfied with the answer. Then a series of questions are asked by the vetal and each day the minister goes to his parents and finds out the answer.
The king was puzzled about how the minister finds out the right answers every time. One night, he follows him in disguise and sees him reach the parents cellar. Now he realizes the value of the elderly people’s wisdom-gives an order totally opposite to the earlier order- if you don’t keep ur parents with you, you will be punished

We easily forget the value of elders and the fact that knowledge gets transferred from the elderly people to younger generation. It is this transfer of knowledge and traditions that has helped us preserve our heritage over generations.

It was a great discourse replete with humor, examples and anecdotes. Do share your thoughts on this subject with us..

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